Clinical Staff and Pharmacology

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The clinical teams work to treat and educate the patients who come to the clinic that proper medical care over traditional healing is beneficial. Teams treat ailments like malnutrition, diarrhea, dehydration, dental infections, burns, and much more. The team also refers and secures transport to the mainland when necessary for more serious cases.


Dental Care

Tooth decay is found in almost every villager on the lake. Our dental nurse provides education on prevention through brushing and flossing to both adults and children. She also provides typical dental services such as cleanings, cavity fillings, and extractions in the worst cases.


Mother’s Clubs

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Our team of midwives have created in-home “Mother’s Clubs” in all of the villages, providing one on one counseling on issues surrounding antenatal care, sanitation and hygiene, birth spacing and contraception, and much more. The goal with the mother’s club is to decrease maternal, child, and infant mortality rates across the lake.


Water Sanitation and education

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The Tonle Sap provides everything for the communities on the lake. But education around clean drinking water is nonexistent outside of TLC. Our work is to educate the communities on contamination and to use biosand filters before drinking the lake water to combat the extreme cases of diarrhea .

Floating Gardens


Malnutrition is the most common ailment across the Tonle Sap. By educating villages on how to build and maintain floating gardens TLC is increasing food security and educating communities on healthy eating alternatives.

Floating gardens also give families economic opportunities by allowing a diversification of revenue streams from selling any surplus vegetables.

Mental Health


The Lake Clinic is working to bring mental health care to patients across the lake. We’re currently providing counseling services to individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. The team travels to the patient’s home and works with them and their family within their own residence.

Child at Risk (CAR)

Our outreach team works to measure and weigh every child under the age of 5 in each village. We provide education for mothers and caregivers on nutrition and what foods are age appropriate and encourage healthy growth and every 6 months re-measure the children to plot their progress and nutritional health.


Teenage Education

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Educating teenagers on self-esteem, healthy relationships, conflict resolutions, and family economics is one of the ways outreach is working to change the lives of the families on the lake.