Capital costs are some of the biggest expenses that The Lake Clinic faces every year. 

The items on these lists ensure that The Lake Clinic can provide the highest quality care with the best available technology and medical equipment for our floating clinics. Additionally, maintenance of our facilities and our fleet of boats that allow us to reach the clinics week after week is among one of the biggest operating costs every year

If you are interested in supporting or funding any of these items, please contact Madeline Njos at for more information.

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Fund Necessary Medical Equipment

The equipment on this list includes an EKG machine, dopplers, mobile dental chair, and more. Some of this equipment is currently owned by TLC but is needing to be replaced and some the doctors have been going without and would make their treatment and diagnosis more efficient.

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Fund MAINTENANCE and Repairs on our floating clinics and our fleet of boats

With all of our facilities outdoors and floating at varying water levels year round routine maintenance and repairs are a necessity for The Lake Clinic in order to keep all of them operable. Currently, TLC operates 5 floating clinics and has 6 vessels to transport the team to and from the villages.