Dr. Eash - Days 68 - 75

Day 68 - 7th May 2019

68 (1).jpg

Currently writing this in the dark under my mosquito net. I am sweating more than a fat pig being chased by a dragon. 

Mike and his wife Jenny arrived 2 days ago to Cambodia. We had dinner with them along with Jon, Madie, Hayden (Madie’s husband)' Sauvan and his wife at Geethas restaurant. Geetha is owns and runs a Sri Lankan restaurant as well as being a nurse in a private clinic. She is one of Mike and Jon’s close friends and she is absolutely lovely. 

It was great seeing everyone especially Mike, as without him, I would not currently be here writing my experience. I met mike approximately 4 years ago as a medical student undertaking my GP placement in Hastings. I thank him for being one of many who kindled my love for General Practice, he also spoke to me about TLC. I told him I was interested and would let him know once I had become a doctor. And the rest is history.

Day 73 - 12th May 2019

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Today we (the TLC team) went to Soda’s wedding. Soda is a community worker for TLC. A week before today she adorably handed me a golden, intricately made wedding invitation with ‘To Dr Eash Kohilathas’ on the front. How could I not have gone?

As a team we set off early in the morning to meet Soda in a town 4 hours away by bus. Chea our driver safely took us there in the rain. We passed our time on the bus by drinking beer and stopping regularly for toilet breaks. When we got the the wedding we met Soda who wore an amazing pink dress with golden jewelry covering her neck and ears. She looked stunning. We watched some of the traditional Khmer wedding – which reminded me a little of Hindu weddings I had watched in the past. Whilst that was going on we were serve a wide range of food from peanuts to fish and chicken to squid. The food was lovely and we were all very full. Unfortunately, we were unable to stay for long as the journey back was obviously a long one.

All in all, I enjoyed myself. It was lovely to see every dressed up and looking glamourous. I liked watching the wedding and the food was copious. I wish Soda and her husband the best of luck for the future and hope their marriage is a long and prosperous one.

Day 75 - 14th May 2019

75 (1).jpg

The sky turned graphite grey, a veil over the suns reign

Heaven’s ground paved with tar and steel for the ensuing procession that was about to take place

Chariots rolled forward lead by a thousand colossal golden lions

When whipped emphatically to move they collectively let out a great roar that silenced the birds underneath

The moving of the Gods trembled the puddles beneath them and if like small parachuters,

Small crystal soldiers made their way to the realm below

The whipping caused sparks which lit up even the darkest of areas known to man

Even his heart jumped, and eyes electrified knowing that his crops were saved