Dr. Eash - Day 169 - Final Blog Entry

Day 169 - 15th August 2019 - Final Blog Entry


It has been two weeks since I departed Cambodia and it is safe to say that I am happy to be back but also missing Siem Reap and the many friends I have made there too. Life back in England has started with full force, encompassing of night shifts, ward work and little time for mind wanderings. Everything here is scheduled for me and at times can feel robotic. But I know it’s for my personal growth and happiness. Other than the people, I miss being hot and being surrounded by nature. I do not miss the mosquitos though, not one bit.

As my final blog entry I wanted to share just a few of the many things I came to realise during my travels in Indochina:

There is great happiness to be found in doing nothing. Some of my favourite memories of Cambodia are looking out onto the brown lake for minutes at a time with no phone or book to keep me company. I also enjoyed my moments of quiet meditation along the Mekong river in Luang Prabang. I vividly remember skipping stones on the Mekong one evening in Luang Prabang as the sun set over me. During these times my mind would dance and ponder, ideas would come and go and at times would be still. There was time to think, re-invent and evaluate the soul. Be free.

There is also great happiness to be found doing meaningful work. I miss the Cambodian children who were all well behaved when seeing the doctor. Even though poverty stricken, they held dignity and innocence within. It is nice to think that you are making some difference to those who suffering is forced upon from birth. Helping people I believe is the ultimate goal for oneself, and life is the pursuit to accumulate skills and knowledge to continually do this. You gain more by giving.

Happiness is also found in community and friendship. I enjoyed being surrounded by likeminded people, eating together and discussing various scientific and philosophical questions. When you surround yourself by people who are themselves stripped from materialistic thinking and self-centredness, ideas being to flourish and those ideas are positive and revolve around love. Smile and ask questions. We only have each other for one lifetime, cherish it.

Take time to immerse yourself in nature. Do not be afraid of the rain or the rays of the sun on your skin. I believe we yearn it. Take your shoes and socks off and feel the natural ground from beneath. The human foot evolved a long time before the human brain and it is usually our only connection to the Earth below. Go explore. Smell. Touch and see the beauty that the world has to offer. The many shades of greens and blue. Wake up early and watch the sun wake up and the birds chirp. Listen to the flowing of rivers and the buzzing of dragonflies. Look up once in a while and gaze at the stars. This is us. This is what it is like to really be human and alive.

I am calmer, more insightful and more self reassured now. When things have been difficult I think back to tinned roofs, Buddhist chimes, loud boat engines, dragonflies and extraordinary sunrises – and things become okay again.

I did not know what I would experience when I left England on the 1st of March. I knew it would be great but not this great. It is like I have coloured parts of my once colourless mind.


Thank you Cambodia. Thank you TLC.


See you soon.