As the Lake Runs Dry

Anirban Mahapatra for The weather channel, december 12, 2018

Cambodia is one of the eight countries identified internationally as the most effected by climate change.
— Taber Hand, Director of Wetlands Work! Cambodia

On board floating clinics on Tonle Sap Lake

George Nickels for Vice France, November 30, 2017

In Cambodia, thousands of isolated villagers suffer from a lack of sanitation - something the Lake Clinic NGO is trying to remedy.
— George Nickels, VICE France

Cambodia's illegal healers say they serve the poor

Chan Tau Chou & Liz Gooch for Al Jazeera, March 13, 2016

...the government banned unqualified medics from treating patients, threatening them with jail and fines.
But in a country with only one qualified doctor for every 5,000 people - one of the world’s lowest ratios - many poor Cambodians have little choice.
— Al Jazeera

Medical Services on the Lake Speed Up

Miranda Glasser for the phnom Penh Post, January 10, 2014

The nearest village is 30km from a paved road, the most isolated village is almost 100km from a paved road. We see everything, from runny noses to trauma, from children needing immunisations to chronic disease in the adults and the elderly.
— Jon Morgan, Quoted in The Phnom Penh Post