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Sustain and strengthen TLC’s efforts on the lake.


The Lake Clinic is rolling out a new program to engage and extend an opportunity for our donors to become major donors and sustaining partners of TLC. The Lake Clinic has always been a small grassroots organization but with the help of our First 100 Major Donors we can grow the clinics to offer more time and programs on the lake.

With a gift of $1,000+ or $83/month for three years, donors can help TLC build a base of steady backing for the 5 clinics, 9 villages, and over 10,000 people that The Lake Clinic supports. Your gift will help us to grow our programs, offer more support, and continue to be the only source of healthcare available on the lake.

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You'll be joining the community of donors that funds the only access that over 10,000 people have for health care. Choose your donation level below.



Personalized overnight trip to the clinic on your next trip to Siem Reap

All of the below



One Year Naming rights to a Clinic

All of the below


$10,000 - 14,999


Day trip to visit the clinic at work

All of the below

$15,000 - 24,999


Dinner with senior staff to discuss all things TLC and the current climate on the lake

All of the below


$5,000 - 9,999


Recognized in newsletter update to mailing list

All of the below


$1,000 - 2,499

or $83/month for 3 years


Listing on our website

Listing in our annual report

Invitations to special events

Subscription to our eNews

$2,500 - 4,999

or $208/month for 3 years


Exclusive one-on-one updates with our Executive Director or Development Director

All of the below


Learn why others joined

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We're thrilled you're interested in joining our campaign to increase support for those who live on the lake! To make a First 100 gift to The Lake Clinic you can:

  • Make a contribution online here or just below - you can set up annual or monthly gifts.

  • You can also send a check by mail to Friends Without a Border with a note that you would like the gift to go to The Lake Clinic. Please email Madeline,, for more on making a mailed donation.

As a local Cambodian NGO The Lake Clinic relies on fiscal sponsorship in order to receive donations from outside of Cambodia. These sponsors include Friends Without A Border in the U.S.A., IMPACT-UK, and Angkors-Kinder in Germany. These wonderful organizations and foundations take no administrative fees from your donation.

Fully 100% of all money donated to The Lake Clinic arrives in Cambodia.

We want to thank you directly for your gift! Please email Madeline,, and let us know that you made a donation through one of our fiscal sponsors.

want more information?

If you have any questions or need help making a donation or would prefer to donate from outside the United States please reach out to our Development Director, Madeline Njos at